First, You should know that dragons labs is the only company is this market who will always protect re sellers and customers. What does this mean :
- dragons labs is based in India In Asia  buying and selling steroids are legal.
Manufacturing steroids can only be punished by Money because of Tax Issues,
These companies give their customer and re seller lists to government protect themselves.  On the other hand, dragons labs always back up Re sellers and Customers.
- – dragons labs is one of the big companies in the market today. Since 5 years we are working for better products and service.
we have survived the past 5 years and that should be accepted as a guarantee that we will still be in business for the next decade
Second, dragons labs is the most complete Steroid Manufacturer in market today:
- we is global company which offer service worldwide. USA , Canada ,all Europe, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Jordan, Iran , Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Armenia
and even far away destinations like French Guiana, Mauritius, French Polynesia receives and uses our products.
- dragons labs is a group of companies which is including Chemical Export & Import, Medical Packing , Print House and Courier Company
- dragons labs manufactures all his packing material ( Boxes , Labels etc.) with its own machines. That is why our products are the most professionally manufactured products in the Market today.
Third, dragons labs have the best Re seller system in the market today.
Other companies just use re sellers to dominate a market and after kick him(first biggest dealer, who starts everything) out of business by selling low quality products to him and sell directly to multiple dealers.
That competition between dealers kills the profits and all hard work which was done by the first, original re seller is wasted.
Only winner is the manufacturer in this system. But when you do business with dragons labs you have chance to buy the exclusive rights of your market.
This means is you can enlarge your business enough you can make a deal with us and become the only dealer of your market
  We accept the people who had faith in us as family.
-Target Market :India, USA , Canada ,all Europe, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Jordan, Iran , Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, Sri Lanka,  Indonesia, Armenia
Estimated amount Monthly : 10.000 pieces
Shipping will be done directly to my customers ( Drop Shipping)
We will get back to you with price list and other info.
After this, start to collect payments of the orders from your customers.
Send us a payment which we agree before and open credit for yourself
Start to send us each order separately with receiver name and address info
Your customers will be shipped in 48 orders and will be delivered by Fedex in 24 hours after its shipped.
When you finish your credit, you should make us another payment to continue business.
So you are not even risking your own money
Simple and effective as you can see.
For Example you have done 30000$ payment and we agreed on 20% free credit. This mean you have 36000$ credit inside.
When you will sell this free credit as products, you can easily make more than 10000$ without any cost!
That can be the 30-40% percent of your next payment to us, or sometimes even re seller use this free products to convince other
dealer who sells other brands in their country to sell dragons labs. This is exactly hitting 3 birds with 1 stone
They eliminate competition, they gain one more re seller to make more money in future and they increase their reputation.
Even we are offering the best we can , you can still contact us with your business plan, we will sure offer a good business plan and evaluate your ideas
So dragons labs is all here for you to help your business. It depends on you to be successful or not
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