Follistatin 344 is a protein with 323 amino acids. Deficiency of the lysosomal enzyme acid α-glucosidase (GAA) can lead to massive accumulation of glycogen in lysosomes and autophagosomes of striated and smooth muscle, resulting in skeletal muscle weakness and cardiorespiratory failure.


How to use :

Follistatin 344, as an adjuvant, can stimulate muscle repair and improve motor function. Studies have shown that follistatin treatment stimulated significant muscle fiber hypertrophy in Pompe mice only when they were treated before 10 months of age, which imply that patients will be more likely to benefit from the muscle-enhancing molecules follistatin 344 if treated earlier, before irreversible muscle pathology has developed. Molecular weight 36KDa (35-40K) This product is Cleaved.


Dosag :

FOLLISTATIN 344 1MG PEPTIDE WARNING: This product product should only be handled by licensed, MGB

qualified professionals. This product is not a drug, food, or cosmetic 

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